Picos de Europa – The Cares Gorge

The Garganta del Cares (The Cares Gorge) trail is probably one of the most popular in Spain. The path high above the Rio Cares runs between Cain and Puenta Poncebos and cuts through two of the main Pico massifs. The trail is there thanks to a hydroelectric scheme following the course of a canal which disappears underground every few meters. The construction of the canal and its associated service path between 1915 and 1921 is an impressive feat of human endeavour when one considers the location and the probable lack of mechanical  machinery available. D. The path runs alongside steep drops, so you need to have a bit of a head for heights on this trail. The river runs far below and above you can hear the jingling of goat bells high above. We walked the trail in two parts firstly from the south, from Ponsada de Valdeon to Cain and on to the Bolin Bridge about two and a half hours, and then a couple of days later we started from the other end which was a five hour trek down to the bridge and back. Spectacular scenery and well worth the effort.

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2 Responses to Picos de Europa – The Cares Gorge

  1. Colin McGinnis says:

    Spectacular scenery and great photo’s well done you both.


  2. Pat says:

    We love hearing about your travels. Spectacular photos, thanks for showing us how the other half, (the retired ones) live! The 2 Ps


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